Stephen Covey said, ‘keep the main thing the main thing.’ Here at The PACT everything we do relates to the main thing: teaching and learning. ‘But that’s two things.’ I hear you cry. But are they? Where does teaching end and learning begin? Are they causal, reciprocal, hierarchical? When we talk about teaching, are we not really talking about learning? When we talk about learning, are we not really talking about teaching? Big questions!

In the interests of being organised, we have separated teaching and learning. You will see that the distinction is difficult to make. There are blogs about learning in the teaching section and there are videos about teaching in the learning section. We’re not worried. We love the debate!

You will also find sections on assessment and curriculum (I know! I know! How are they different to teaching and learning? Good question. Answers on a postcard), the PACT book club, #whatitaughttoday, classroom enquiry and book reviews.

Any suggestions for what else you’d like to see on here? Get in touch.