Improving Mathematics in Key Stages Two and Three Writing Age Eraser
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Improving Mathematics in Key Stages 2 & 3.
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New blog here introducing our incredibly exciting new Writing Age.
On The 7 habits of highly effective lesson plans. New blog here introducing our incredibly exciting new Writing Age.
The 5 Rs Educational Myths Teachers Juggling
On twitter, @clo_teach has put together "A single slide to introduce teacherhead's #FiveWays to my class" .Education myths. What's brains got to do with this? @P_A_Kirschner’s slides and keynote speech from #EducationFest.Ten teaching techniques to practise – deliberately. The more you practise, the better you get.
A Woman Climbing a Wall Students Off Task Knowledge Slide
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Goldilocks Teaching: pitching learning 'just right'.
Teacher vision: expert and novice teachers’ perception of problematic classroom management scenes. Questioning for Confirmation… and then Challenge. The way we implement questioning should perhaps be considered more thoughtfully.
A Teacher Talking Students Off TaskAnciemnt Classroom
Principles of Instruction. Research-Based Strategies That All Teachers Should Know.Do we need to worry about 'engagement' in learning? Why fun in the classroom is neither fun nor engaging.Ten principles for great explicit teaching. What has brought explicit teaching in from the pedagogical cold?
James Durran Eight Rules For TeachersInference Skills
From @jdurran. New: thoughts on the design of a teacher-led reading lesson. Challenging responses: designing a successful teacher-led reading lesson.From @mat_at_brookes. Very interesting article on 'motivating and improving attitudes to reading' in UKS2.Scaffolding Inference: Trialling a Teaching Technique. Teachers spend a lot of time attempting to teach children how to infer meaning from texts...
Semantic And Episodic Memory Report Executive Summary Mathematics Slide
MEMORY NOT MEMORIES – TEACHING FOR LONG TERM LEARNING. Does the best learning result from memorable experiences?From the Sutton Trust. Read the report What makes great teaching?. A review of the underpinning researchMaths Tricks or Bad Habits? Mathematical Misconceptions We Still Teach Pupils (And How To Avoid Them).
Space Rocket Space Rocket
From the Research Schools Network. Read THINGS YOU SHOULD CONTINUE DOING IN THE EARLY YEARS (AND WHAT THE RESEARCH SAYS ABOUT WHY).Thanks to Tom Sherrington of Teacherhead for recommending Teaching and Learning Research Summaries: A collection for easy access.