Making Every Primary Lesson Count

Welcome to the PACT book club. This book club focuses on Making Every Primary Lesson Count by Jo Payne and Mel Scott. It has been designed for PACT NQTs, but is open to anyone from across the trust and across the world. Below each book club date you’ll find three key questions for discussion. Join the conversation by following the hashtag #PACTbookclub.

Thursday 11th October 2018, 7.30pm – 8.00pm


  1. What constitutes ‘excellence’ in your classroom? How do you communicate this? (pages 26-28)
  2. Do you consider yourself a general expert (of a year group or phase for example) or do you consider yourself a subject specialist? What opportunities and constraints does your perspective of yourself create? (pages 33-34)
  3. Is it important that choice for students is deliberately planned, or is choice in itself a valuable experience? (page 35)

Monday 3rd December 2018, 7.30pm – 8.00pm


  1. Why is it important to build on students’ prior knowledge? (page 40) In what circumstances would you deliberately leave out any explanation?
  2. What is the best way to introduce a new concept? Do you agree with Payne and Scott that it’s sometimes best to ‘just tell them’? (page 58)
  3. What are the benefits and risks of using stories and anecdotes? (page 44)

Thursday 14th February 2019, 7.30pm – 8.00pm


  1. What is the value of deliberately privileging modelling in the classroom? (page 70)
  2. Should we model everything? (pages 71-72)
  3. Time is tight in the classroom: isn’t modelling simple procedures step by step just a waste of time? (pages 72-74)

Wednesday 27th March 2019, 7.30pm – 8.00pm


  1. Look at the websites suggested on pages 99 and 100. What are the best websites for primary school children to practice their knowledge and skills?
  2. When is it appropriate to practise learning out of context? (page 101)
  3. What strategies do you use for instant recall at the start of a lesson? Do you actively include ‘plug in’ strategies in your planning? (page 103)

Monday 13th May 2019, 7.30pm – 8.00pm


  1. Checking versus marking? What are the pros and cons of both? (page 119)
  2. How can feedback for one child provide feedback for all? (pages 126 – 127)
  3. How can technology support or enhance feedback? (pages 127 – 130)

Tuesday 18th June 2019, 7.30pm – 8.00pm


  1. What is the best type of question to ask? Is there a ‘best’ type? (page 135)
  2. How can we encourage students to listen and respond to each other? (page 147)
  3. How possible is it to prepare questioning in advance AND remain flexible in lessons? (pages 149 -150)


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