Each half term we post a ‘featured blog’ focused on teaching & learning.  We deliberately choose something which is designed to prompt debate and discussion.  If you would like your blog featured, just get in touch.  We’re keen to use this forum to champion new and diverse voices in education. We’re particularly keen to feature blogs from PACT staff to encourage and celebrate the talented thinkers in our team.

Our featured teaching and learning blog is  The Four Tendencies and Teacher Wellbeing 

In her book ‘The Four Tendencies’ author Gretchen Rubin outlines four ways in which people respond to expectations. According to her findings everyone fits into one of the following categories:

  • Upholder – readily meet external and internal expectations
  • Questioner – question all expectations; they meet an expectation only if they believe it’s justified
  • Obliger – readily meet outer expectations, but struggle to meet inner expectations
  • Rebel – resist both outer and inner expectations


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